Posted on 17/11/2017 ยท Posted in Fishing, Uncategorized

The Barick Exmouth Saltwater Fly rod range, is an accumulation of multiple designs and a huge amount of testing. Some of the best Fly casters there are in Australia have been involved. I have tried to bring together a rod that will not only create sexy and efficient loops but also be able to fight fish down deep. A range of rods that will perform for flats fishing and from a boat as well.

We all have different casting styles but quite a few of us have similar styles. Those who enjoy pushing themselves further all strive for that perfect loop. No matter what the conditions, roaring winds or even mild breezes, dry flies or even heavy crab flies, we want our fly rod to perform. I can tell you for a fact that the perfect rod for all conditions and styles of fishing does not exist, which is why a lot of us have more than a hand full of rods. We can’t expect the same rod which casts size 2/0 Clousers in the Salt to gracefully present dry flies to trout. The same can be said for a purpose built stream rod.

The Barick Exmouth is a purpose designed and built fly rod range for Aussie saltwater conditions. With enough forgiveness in the tip and mid section to perform a perfect loop even with the heaviest flies and a strong butt section to fight fish with ease. As usual, the best and toughest components are used on the Barick Exmouth so you can be assured your rod will last a long time.

The Barick Exmouth is out now. Learn More