Posted on 31/07/2012 ยท Posted in New Components

The Alps RA7 series fly rod reel seats have come to us from an in-house design at Batson Enterprises. This new fly seat is actually a very nice creation and will definitely be included in the Barick designed rods. Its unique blend of state of the art CNC machining techniques combined with state of the art dual anodizing finish work make this an eye-catching fly seat.
The Alps RA7WL2 series seats are made for 7-10wt fly rods and should be used in conjunction with a fighting butt.

Key Features include;

  • CNC machined 6061T6 aluminium
  • Window design featuring woven texalium insert
  • Dual colour anodizing
  • Double nut lockup
  • Nut uses Delrin washer for smooth operation
  • Black Model: HERA7L2-WTS-B/S
  • Grey Titanium Model: HERA7L2-WTS-TC/s

The story with the Alps RA7 Skeleton seats are similar. Made with the same process and same material these seats are lighter and go perfect on fly rods in the 2-6wt class. The front hood outside diameter is 21.3mm, along with the rest of the dimensions are the same as the above window seat version. The difference with the two seat designs are the locking nuts and inserts. The RA7 Skeleton seat can be bought in either the standard black or titanium inserts or the special coloured graphite or wood inserts. The RA7 Skeleton seat is a sleek piece of kit and is being used on the Barick Recurve fly rod.

The RA7 seat inserts

  • RA7-INS-GWG: Woven Graphite/Gray
  • RA7-INS-GRWG: Woven Graphite/Green
  • RA7-INS-RW: Plywood/Rosewood
  • RA7-INS-WTS: Woven Graphite/Silver
  • RA7L2-INS-GWG: Woven Graphite/Gray
  • RA7L2-INS-GRWG: Woven Graphite/Green