Posted on 16/08/2021 ยท Posted in Interesting, New Components, Uncategorized

It wasn’t for the sake of changing the look but more for the idea of rebirth. The Barick Reiden hasn’t just been given a beautiful egg-shell matt black paint job, no, it’s entire heart has been re-made.

I’ve said it a number of times, the heart of a rod is its blank. It performs all the action and remains strong even after enormous abuse under deflection. That is as long as it has been made well. Well, using some of the most sophisticated technology, the new Barick Reiden Black series has had it’s blank redesigned and re-manufactured. The same action as before, but an even stronger build with a more powerful back-bone which will cast even further.

I’ve used the same high-end components as the Reiden series 1. REC Nickel Titanium Alloy snake guides which are rust proof and almost indestructible, an ALPS double nut 6061 Alloy saltwater reel seat, FLOR grade full wells 7″ grip and a saltwater style fighting butt. I’ve used light Gunsmoke coloured base thread with a bright green coloured trim to make it pop just enough to be noticed. A completely hand-made top-end custom fly rod which I know you will enjoy for generations.