Posted on 06/08/2018 ยท Posted in Interesting

I was asked to test the new Neritica blanks and see if they cut the mustard. My response was, “No problem, I’ll test the shit out of this thing… happy to.” I ran it through a series of hardcore tests including overloading it at 45 degrees in a test rig. I can honestly say I was impressed. This blank is not only one of the lightest blanks on the market but one of the toughest.

So, excited about the prospect of building on the new Neritica 6′ Fast action blank. I decided I wanted to make this one special, not just a plain old straight trim, base coloured thread build, but something that would stand out and be noticed. Custom grip design with feather in-lay on white thread base and olive branch borders. White thread underbind with gold and black centres. ALPS AGC overhead seat with ALPS black MXN guides.

I think this one turned out nice.