Custom Made Fly Rod Grips
Posted on 20/07/2017 ยท Posted in Fishing, Interesting

On more than a few occasions I’ve spoken about the importance of good quality grips. Fly fishing rods are different on many levels to Spin rods and Overhead rods, especially when it comes to grips. This is where custom made fly rod grips really do matter in regards to quality and style. Not only can clients request the type of grip they’d like on their rods, half wells, full wells or cigar shaped but I make it a priority that Barick custom made fly rod grips are built from FLOR grade cork.
It’s surprising how many Fly anglers don’t know the difference between FLOR grade and AAA grade cork, which make up the material of their fly rod grips. Most simply, FLOR grade cork is usually the best identified portions of the inner part of the Cork tree. Cork rings are drilled out from each tree and then the rings are sorted in order of perfection, which means the least number of pits or blemishes. This process is all done by hand and of course you always get variances and because cork is a natural material, the quality of FLOR grade cork may change one year to the next. In essence though, the less air-pockets there are in each cork ring the better. You could compare it to a solid piece of timber to one that has been eaten by termites. 
So why is having FLOR grade cork on your grip important?
How many fly rods do you have at home that require grip maintenance? Notice how torn up the grip is and how deep the pits in the cork are…This is most likely because the quality of the cork is poor. FLOR grade cork has fewer and smaller pits and in-turn is much more resistant to wear and tear. Much like the quality of an EVA grip on a Spin rod where the material is more dense and tougher.
Here at Barick, all custom made fly rod grips are made from FLOR grade cork. FLOR grade cork does cost a little more but the quality is worth having if you would like your grip to last longer. Think back on the abuse they receive during Saltwater fishing and you get the idea. I’ve added a few pics to give you an idea of what the lengthy process of building a custom made fly rod grip looks like.