DUC Series


A slow approach, creeping up on the crystal clear stream and you see the Brown hovering in slow motion. Your only chance is to place your fly on the spot as quietly as possible. The Barick DUC is designed to keep the weight down so you can cast all day and cut through the air delivering crisp short and very accurate casts for the most stealthy approach possible. Built by John Barick, fly rod builder with the finest components available for your fly fishing needs.


    • Medium Slow Action
    • Blank in traditional Golden Brown colour
    • ALPS BUL5, Walnut Real Seat
    • Fuji Alconite Stripper Guide
    • Lightweight Recoil Nickel Titanium Alloy snake guides
    • A: 6.5″ Cork Reverse Half-Wells Foregrip
    • B: 7″ Cork Reverse Half-Wells Foregrip
    • Super Sensitive Soft Tip
    • Prices fromĀ $750.00 AUD

Model Number Length Pieces Line Weight Handle Action
DUC-733 7′ 3 3wt A Med Slow
DUC-7633 7′ 6″ 3 3wt B Med Slow
DUC-743 7′ 3 4wt A Med Slow
DUC-843 8′ 3 4wt B Med Slow
DUC-753 7′ 3 5wt B Med Slow
DUC-853 8′ 3 5wt B Med Slow