Advanced design blank with carbon helical core allows for light weight, fast recovery and an extremely smooth action. The Barick Recurve is a very forgiving rod that has great punch in the short to medium range delivering the power and accuracy the angler requires instantly, making it perfect for beginners and the experienced alike. Equipped with the new ALPS SS316 Stainless, super slick Diamond coated snake guides your fly line has never passed through a guide like it. The Barick Recurve is what you need on your next trip.


  • Fast Action, Quick Loading
  • Golden Olive Air Cutting Blank
  • A: ALPs FRAK7CWG GT Gunsmoke Alloy w/Carbon tube insert Reel Seat & Super Grade Cork Half Wells Grip
  • B: ALPs FRAK7 GT Gunsmoke Alloy w/Double Lock-Up Nut Reel Seat & Super Grade Cork Full Wells Grip with High Grade Fighting Butt
  • ALPS XN Series SS316 Stainless Stripper Guide
  • ALPs SG DC SS316 Stainless w/Diamond Coated, Dark Gunsmoke snake guides
  • Very Smooth and Fast Recovery
  • Prices fromĀ $850.00 AUD

Model Number Length Pieces Line Weight Handle Action
Recurve-834 8′ 4 3wt A Fast
Recurve-8634 8′ 6″ 4 3wt A Fast
Recurve-844 8′ 4 4wt A Fast
Recurve-8644 8′ 6″ 4 4wt A Fast
Recurve-944 9′ 4 4wt A Fast
Recurve-8654 8′ 6″ 4 5wt A Fast
Recurve-954 9′ 4 5wt A Fast
Recurve-964 9′ 4 6wt A Fast
Recurve-9664 9′ 6″ 4 6wt B Fast
Recurve-974 9′ 4 7wt B Fast
Recurve-1074 10′ 4 7wt B Fast
Recurve-984 9′ 4 8wt B Fast
Recurve-1084 10′ 4 8wt B Fast
Recurve-994 9′ 4 9wt B Fast
Recurve-1094 10′ 4 9wt B Fast
Recurve-9104 9′ 4 10wt B Fast
Recurve-10104 10′ 4 10wt B Fast