The Reiden is the pinnacle of the Barick Fly Rod range. The blank construction includes some of the most advanced technology to date which is why the Reiden is one of the lightest and most powerful Fly rods on the market. With a delicate tip, strong backbone and mid section, it makes the Reiden the perfect All-Round weapon for the experienced and aspiring fly caster. Effortless recovery, effortless power and accuracy. The Reiden is THE NEXT STEP.


  • Very Fast Action, Quick Loading
  • Emerald Green High Performance Blank
  • A: REC ABS with Curly Coa Reel Seat & Super Grade Cork Half Wells Grip
  • B: ALPs RAK7L2 Alloy Reel Seat & Super Grade Cork Full Wells Grip with High Grade Fighting Butt
  • ALPS XN Series SS316 Stainless Stripper Guide
  • ALPs Stainless, Bright Chrome snake guides – Line weight 4-5
  • REC Recoil Nickel Titanium Alloy snake guides – Line weight 6-12
  • Ultimate accuracy. Ultimate recovery and power
  • Prices fromĀ $850.00 AUD

Model Number Length Pieces Line Weight Handle Action
Reiden-844 8′ 4 4wt A Very Fast
Reiden-944 9′ 4 4wt A Very Fast
Reiden-8654 8′ 6″ 4 5wt A Very Fast
Reiden-954 9′ 4 5wt A Very Fast
Reiden-964 9′ 4 6wt A Very Fast
Reiden-1064 10′ 4 6wt B Very Fast
Reiden-974 9′ 4 7wt B Very Fast
Reiden-1074 10′ 4 7wt B Very Fast
Reiden-984 9′ 4 8wt B Very Fast
Reiden-1084 10′ 4 8wt B Very Fast
Reiden-994 9′ 4 9wt B Very Fast
Reiden-9104 9′ 4 10wt B Very Fast
Reiden-9114 9′ 4 11wt B Very Fast
Reiden-9124 9′ 4 12wt B Very Fast