Wide River


You stand in front of an enormous challenge where the odds are against you. You can’t use a boat and you’re only allowed to lure. The river or dam is massive and you can only cover a fraction of a percent with the 7′ fishing rod you’re equipped with. The answer is the Barick Wide River.

The culmination of shared frustration and Design & Engineering, Barick has introduced a rod that will cast out far and handle any freshwater fish you come across. This new style of lure fishing has not been seen anywhere in Australia and is making a splash. Five different models of Wide River rod range, designed to basically tackle any fishing occasion you hit. If you’re tired of not covering more ground and increasing your chances of catching your target fish then the Wide River is what you need.

The Barick Wide River has the perfect combination of strength and parabolic action to be also considered as a Custom Luderick Rod. If you’re in the market for a top of the line rock based Luderick rod, look no further.


  • Medium Fast Action
  • Carbon Core Advanced Blank Technology
  • Light Weight ALPS FRS Graphite Reel Seat
  • High Grade Single-Foot and Double-Foot Fuji K Series Guides
  • Combination of EVA, Rubberised Cork and High Grade Cork Fore and Back grips
  • Designed in Spey Fly rod style with short back and long front grips
  • Prices fromĀ $950.00 AUD

Model Number Length Pieces Line Weight Lure Action
SP1253-WR 12′ 3 3-5kg 25-45g Med-Fast
SP1353-WR 13′ 3 3-5kg 25-45g Med-Fast
SP1263-WR 12′ 3 4-6kg 30-55g Med-Fast
SP1363-WR 13′ 3 4-6kg 30-55g Med-Fast
SP1283-WR 12′ 3 5-8kg 40-70g Med-Fast
SP1383-WR 13′ 3 5-8kg 40-70g Med-Fast
SP12103-WR 12′ 3 6-10kg 45-90g Med-Fast
SP13103-WR 13′ 3 6-10kg 45-90g Med-Fast
SP12123-WR 12′ 3 8-12kg 60-105g Med-Fast
SP13123-WR 13′ 3 8-12kg 60-105g Med-Fast