Forster Fly Muster
Posted on 25/11/2016 · Posted in Fishing, Interesting

This year’s 2016 Forster Fly Muster was a real blast with a heap of top names in the Fly Fishing business attending and sharing their knowledge and jokes. Guys like Bretto Wilson who helped organise the event, Deano Butler a legend in the industry sharing his fishing knowledge and Brian Henderson who is only one of two Double Hand MCI instructors in the country and Juan Luis Del Carmen teaching us how to cast a line. There were Fly Tying demos by the well known Shannon Kitchner and Brett Clarke from BWC Flies who’s Flies are absolutely brilliant. We had Rod & Gun showing off their latest and greatest products as well. Giving everyone a chance at a bit of a cast with the latest fly rods.

Bretto and Shannon shared their experience and knowledge on catching the elusive and local Whiting. A fish that looks very much like a smaller version of the Bonefish. There was plenty of fishing going on with lots of Flathead, Bream and Whiting being caught. I managed to hook up on a decent Trevally but was broken off when the 6lb leader snapped.

The 2016 Forster Fly Muster events were tailored to either introduce the novice to the art of fly fishing or get the expert out catching those hard to catch fish. FFM also organised an important raffle to raise money for sick children in hospital for the Starlight Foundation with plenty of prizes being given out including one of Barick’s top-of-line Reiden Allwater 7wt rods which was won by Cherie from BWC Flies.

All in all an easy going event which was loved by everyone who made it out there and one that I can’t wait for to come around again next year.

If you haven’t been yet and would like to attend the next upcoming FFM, check out Foster Fly Muster on Facebook.