After popular demand I’ve managed to finish the format to begin Barick Custom Rods, Rod Building Basics Course. It’s now possible for you to take either a 3, 4 or 5 day Rod Building Class to build the rod you wish to create. John Barick will teach you the basics of what it takes to be a successful custom rod builder and to be able to construct your own rod. You will be armed with the required knowledge and skills to go onto continue rod building either as a hobby or even a profession. John will go over a huge amount subject matter such as;

  • Blank Actions and Tapers and how they relate to fishing application
  • Rod design and layout balance
  • Component choice

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how it all happens, how a fishing rod is built or even had the desire to build a fishing rod yourself, then John Barick will be able to help. All classes held are completely one on one so you receive full attention and are guided constantly without interruptions. John will impart his years of experience as a custom rod builder to give you a head start in being able to build your own fishing rods.

Call or drop us an email to book your next Barick Rod Building Basics Course.

Coming soon Barick will also be offering Rod Building Advanced courses for those who have maybe just begun rod building for themselves and need to know that little more on how to do things better. This will also include specific areas of custom rod building such as marbling and feather inlays or even just honing your basics.