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“From start to finish John walked me through everything regarding my build giving me expert advice and all the options I had to complete my custom switch rod. John was in regular contact with me throughout the process, with regular updates and also pictures of different choices I could have. I couldn’t have asked for better product or customer service. In my case living local, John hand delivered my custom work of art, and we both went for a fish to put it to the test. I have caught many different species and already have many fond memories with my custom switch. Thanks for the amazing work John :)”
Jacob Parmigiani
“I now use Barick rods as my preferred fly rod. John is a skilled rod crafter who builds a range of products through the use of components that are world class.

After using the Barick Reiden series, I have found my casting to improve significantly, not only in achieving greater distance but also improved accuracy when it really matters.
I really like the low down power in the blanks, resulting in winning more battles on the water.
I have found the process in dealing with Barick Rods to be totally professional.
If you are looking to upgrade your gear or have a rod build catered to your needs , then contact John. You won’t be able to put the rod down once you are on the water.”

Brett Clarke
“The Reiden-954 rod is a powerful rod with little flex which loads well down the butt, and delivers great roll casts and mends.
The fast action of the Reiden is also an advantage in windy conditions enabling quick casting in tough conditions.
The Reiden can easily control and bring in fish more quickly, especially larger fish.
Cosmetically John has delivered exceptional quality and finish. John uses a High Performance Blank in Emerald colour with flawless emerald binding and there is no compromise on Reel seat and grip quality.
Therefore it is right up there (and beyond) with all the big players.
In all I make longer more accurate and quicker casts, control larger fish and deliver both large and delicate flies with ease and accuracy.
I am now a huge fan of Barick Rods an absolute joy to fish with.”
Frank Gadea
“I have a lot of different rods which I have used on my worldwide fishing trips for some years. These rods were bought off the rack from Sage or Loomis. It is from this perspective I can make the following comments about my experience with Barick Custom Rods.
I had heard a lot of good things about fibreglass rods, and made enquiries with a NZ fibreglass rod supplier to buy a fibreglass switch rod. I found them far too expensive, hence I instructed John to build such a rod as he was very competitively priced.
Once the rod had been finished, John drove me to a nearby waterway to have a practice cast with a view to match up the fly line. John was willing to give me his expertise and time to help sort out an appropriate set up for that rod.
I can only speak highly of his professionalism, excellent workmanship and personalised service. The rod is a joy to own and cast and I would not hesitate to ask John to build another rod for me.”
Hena Power
“I needed a rod to be able to Fly Fish for both Native and Freshwater species. John new exactly what was required and stepped me through and kept me up to date with the entire build process. I wanted a customized grip on my Barick Reiden and the result was beyond expectation in the finish, style and the performance was absolutely mind blowing. John knows exactly which line to match each of his rods perfectly and it showed especially when I was casting weighted flys to Trout at TCD. Factory rods don’t even come close. Do yourself a favour and buy a Barick.”
Nick Vass