Posted on 19/08/2014 ยท Posted in Uncategorized

Filthy fishing rods… As someone who not only builds Fishing Rods but from time to time has the pleasure and displeasure of repairing them, I see on countless occasions the state of disarray in which something used as an Angler, to bring joy to our day is maintained. The tears which use to well converted over time to a simple head shake in disappointment. The majorityof rods I’ve repaired cannot be classed as what we call “high-end”, but that doesn’t excuse laziness in maintaining ones tools. High-end or not, from someone who finds joy in building rods that should last forever for Anglers that love the sport of fishing I find it disheartening sometimes.
I’m going to step off the soapbox now and depart the “Tip of the Day”, wash your fishing rods after every trip and if you need to, use Metho.